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Must see Outlander film locations - a Top 10
Craigh na Dun, Lallybroch, the chapel where Jamie and Claire got married and of course Jamie's Printshop. Every fan of the  Outlander TV series knows these places that play a role in the love story of Jamie and Claire. Maybe you have wondered if these film locations really exist and where they are located?  I selected  a Top 10 of the most beautiful Outlander film locations and their secrets. Read here.

Selkies, myth of Scottish water and their rol in Outlander

Once upon a time ....... a tired hunter returned from his journey. It was late in the evening and he was walking along the shoreline. Three beautiful naked women danced in the surf in the moonlight. The hunter came closer and saw their skins on the beach. He immediately understood that the women were selkies. The hunter longed for a woman, so he stole the skin of one of the women. Selkies or silkies, as they are called in Outlander, live according to old stories along the Scottish coast, but who are these mysterious creatures? Do they really exist? And what can we learn from them? Read here.


Changelings, why Claire Fraser left behind a baby in the Outlander woods

Imagine walking through the woods and hearing a baby cry, what would you do? Of course you would look for the baby. But say you traveled from the 20th century to the 18th century, say you are Claire Fraser and you walk in the Outlander forest with your friend Geillis and you hear that same baby cry. What would you do? and do you really hear a human baby cry or might it be a changeling? Read all about the Changeling myth and how it affected everyday life. Read here

Claire's Apothecary - part 2 Comfrey - Guardian angel of travellers and thieves

Claire's 18th century apothecary: Comfrey- Guardian angel of travelers and thieves. Part 2 of the series about herbs and plants that Claire Fraser uses in the TV series Outlander in her 18th century pharmacy box. Learn about the facts and fables about Comfrey and of course find a special piece of jewelry that belongs with this story. Read here.


Jack O' Lantern, the real story behind a Halloween legend

May I introduce myself? My name is Jack .... Jack 'O Lantern, Irish from origin and blacksmith by profession. You may know me because you carve my face out of a pumpkin at the end of October. And with a light behind my eyes I'm pretty scary to see. But I wasn't always like that ..... let me tell you the true story of Halloween. Read here.