Lyrics demos

Butterfly Junkie - demo


Verse 1

It has been months since we met,

Wish I could forget

The way you made me feel

I think of your laugh and I dwell

Dreams hurt like hell

When I close my eyes



I shouldn’t miss you, but I do



I’ve become a butterfly junkie

Need those butterflies within

I’ve become a butterfly junkie

You should see the state I’m in

I’m addicted to what has been

My memory is slowly killing me

I’ve become a butterfly junkie


Verse 2

We poured our hearts out ‘til late

Walked the streets at night

Under Paris lights

Can’t let go how good it felt

When you held me close

Got an overdose



Can't I just stay in lost paradise

and keep them all inside

They already booked my rehab retreat

So hard to release these butterflies



Music & Lyrics: Linda de Bruijn & Carli Lessing

Production: Piet de Wet

Never trust the Woods - Demo



Do you know the pasture land under the smoke of Amsterdam?

Are you from the villages embraced by the woods, then listen to me close



You must, you must, never trust the woods

You might think about the ones that went in and never came out


Verse 1

On Sunday Henry was strolling about, 

taking off his hat for the new girls in town

Later, one of the girls declared, he went straight for the woods




Verse 2

Cousin Annie was searching for berries and nuts

Like a nutter she traced the glittering ground

Her broken basket was found, somewhere, deep in the woods




Verse 3

Little Harry was bored in the middle of the week.

Big trees were calling in to play hide and seek. 

Only the birds heard the shrieks that came from the woods 




Verse 4

When wind rang the bluebells and I was playing ‘round.

A lovely smell kissed the tip of my nose. 

I left my toys at the playground and ran off to the woods.





The woods went silent when the police came to search her deadly pond

They looked for us all, but none of us was found. 




Never trust the Woods is a murder ballad based on a true story that took place in the 1940's.


Lyrics and music: Linda de Bruijn & Anouk Balins

Jesus wore jeans -demo




Verse 1 

Light was dimming when he knocked on the door 

A halo of summer surrounding him 

Diamond smile and snow white shirt 

When he kissed me, felt my life begin 


Whispering words took over my mind 

He was such a smart talker 

Made me miss all the tell-tale signs 

You’d believe him walk on water



Oh, his tricks made me lose track of time





I believed 

My Jesus wore jeans 

But from his hands 

No mercy or grace 

His Holy Land 

Was an empty place 

Still, I believed 

My Jesus wore jeans


Verse 2 

Night was falling when he asked me for more 

His halo slipped, so I showed him out 

He cast no shadow when he walked the street 

And his blessing I could do without 



Oh, his tricks made me lose track of time






Music & Lyrics: Linda de Bruijn & Anouk Balins