Verse 1:

So many games to play

When we wake up on Christmas Day   

Make a row of angels fly

Take snowflakes from the sky

Let cold air fill our lungs

Like it did when we were young

Oh, to go back in time once more   

That’s all I’m wishing for.



My December dream is coming true

Christmas time is better with you

Kiss me gently in the snow

You’ll make my winter heart glow


Verse 2:

We’re getting ready for tonight

You look splendid in candlelight

Who can resist the mistletoe

While Silent Night is on the radio

Stars shining after heavy clouds

Illuminating Santa’s route

The best times are coming once more

That’s all I’m wishing for





So good to have you home, again



Music & Lyrics Anouk Balins & Linda de Bruijn

Produced by Steve Willson (The Jump Room)

With thanks to Heloise Kirby